Adorable Armenia – Why is it a perfect vacation spot?

Armenia is a country found in the Eurasia region, a former part of the Soviet Union and is now a rising democracy. It is also one of the upcoming travel destinations, especially when you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful vacation. There are several sights to see, so many different places you can be, and at the end of the day just relax at your hotel as much as you please. Armenia is famous for its culture and related art forms that are vibrant whether it is in terms of their music or dance. Apart from visiting the capital city Yerevan, make sure you take some time off to visit the other smaller towns and villages that surround Yerevan.
The weather here is a pleasant mixture of the Asian as well as European weather, where during summer it is quite warm and dry whereas in winter heavy snowfall is often experienced. The ethnic groups of Armenia are found to be widespread all around the United States, Russia and parts of Europe as well; this is definitely one of the main reasons why the country has gained popularity in the past few years. They have everything from quaint old villages to the bustling city life, so whichever suits you better you may choose to stay accordingly.
Another added advantage to visiting Armenia is the fact that it is surrounded by countries that host some of the most popular travel destinations and these include Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. So, use this to your advantage in order to travel to some super exotic locations and experience a culture that is unlike any other. Armenia has a rich history during the World War 1 times as well as later on during the middle ages; it has so much to offer to a traveler that you will know you spent your money’s worth here.