Armenia – An abode for adventure lovers

Are you up for a long vacation which is both adventurous as well as religious? If your answer is yes, then the place that you have to visit is Armenia located in Eurasia. Armenia is a mountainous country landlocked by Turkey, Georgia, Iran, Black and Caspian Sea on its sides. Housing over three million residents, Armenia is the first country to adopt a particular religion which is Christianity. The country is known for its rich history and gives an unparalleled importance to the culture. The symbol of the people is the highest mountain called Mount Ararat which is known for its picturesque location.
The country of Armenia is a centre for industrial activities which has abundant natural renewable resources. The main income for this country is from the industrial sector and tourism. Being connected by all means of transportation to the nearby cities, the country also has a special eye for music, dance and art. Several exhibitions of national and international are held at this country which contributes to the Armenia tourism. Music, dance and sports are also equally concentrated by the citizens of the country.
National Art Gallery which houses over 16,000 pieces of art from experts is one of the major attractions in the country. Modern Art Museum and Children’s Picture Gallery are the other places to be visited. Khor Virap, Aghjkaghala church, Garni temple and other buildings of medieval age are worth visiting if you are interested in exploring the country’s religious richness. Another interesting aspect in the country which has resulted in a boom in Armenia tourism is due to the adventurous sports it offers. Hiking, Rock climbing, Wind surfing, Skiing and camping are few of the adventurous sports to be experienced by the people. It is also noted that a proposal has been made by the people to concentrate on winter sports. This will make Armenia easily one of the must – visit countries in the world.