Yerevan – A silent wonder of Armenia

Armenia is considered to be a silent wonder of the world, thanks to its natural beauty, peaceful locations and architectural brilliance. To visit the entire country, it might take a couple of days which you won’t regret, at the end of the day. Yerevan, being the capital of Armenia, is one of the oldest cities and is also known for its rich culture and heritage.
Places to visit in Yerevan:
• Republic Square, National Gallery and Armenia History Museum: The Republic Square is one of the most beautiful squares around the globe. Constructed between the periods from 1924 to 1929, Republic square is encircled by National gallery and Armenia History museum and other natural resources of Armenia. The ‘Dancing fountain’ is one of the eye-catching elements that make the Republic Square beautiful.
• Matenadaran: The Ancient Manuscripts Museum is a must visit place for its legendary collection of books. The Museum sports the heaviest book that weighs 34kg which was brought from Turkey by two sisters. Also, Matenadaran is surrounded by the intellectuals of the country.
• Opera house: Built by A.Tamanyan, the Opera house is situated in the heart of the city. This place is not only known for its magnificent structure but inner beauty as well. The Opera house is a home to various plays and events that takes place in Yerevan. This place is considered as one of the loveable places by most of the Armenians.
• Tsitsernakaberd and Genocide museum: Tsitsernakaberd is a place in remembrance of the victims of American genocide. April 24th of every year, people of Yerevan and other regions of Armenia gather around to pay homage to the loves lost. Apart from this, Tsitsernakaberd also has a wonderful park known for its night view.
• Arin berd or Erebuni Fortress: Regarded as one of the oldest fortresses of the world, this fortress has a huge historic value. This makes Yerevan as one of the ancient cities.

Armenian rendezvous!

Armenia is one of those little yet largely popular countries in the region between Europe and Asia. With Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia as well as Iran as neighbors Armenia is indeed a popular tourist destination not just for those who are familiar with the land, but to several vacationers from across the globe. With its rich history and culture, it has one of the most pleasant sights to see and has some truly incredible vacation destinations that you really shouldn’t miss out on in your lifetime! When you visit this place, you will be reminded of your own beginnings, how you have come to be what you are today, it will almost be like catching up with yourself, some people call it going back in time. The best time to travel around this country would be during the summer months of July, August and September, this is when the greenery is at its best and the weather is most cooperative.
The best thing about visiting Armenia is that it is a great place to bring your family to. Quaint little towns with lot of fun filled activities for all age groups. There is never a dull moment, unless you want it to be all quiet and peaceful- you have that option too! There is no need to fear your kids getting lost or getting into any sort of trouble, because the necessary care is usually provided. Having come all the way here, you might as well make it a point to visit the beautiful neighbors of Armenia and have the time of your life. There are so many travel agencies that give different types of discounts depending on the time of your booking, number of people travelling and your duration of stay. You could also choose package deals, these usually cover the sight-seeing expenses as well.

Welcome to Armenia – The land of diversity

It is a matter of fact that Armenia is the first Christian state found in the world. Bordered by Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Azerbaijan, Armenia lies in the Caucasus region. With the capital city Yerevan, this country became the member of World Tourism organization. This country is a home to different museums, theater and concert halls. Practicing theater is literally their tradition. For more than 2000 years, the people of Armenia are really fond of theater plays. Also, Armenia concentrates on performance oriented fields such as concerts, jazz music and puppet theater and many more. This country is known for its rich culture and heritage.
Most of the tourist attractions in this country are churches, forts and monasteries. Some of the famous monasteries are Haghpat Monastery, Geghard Monastery, Tatev Monastery, and the Haghartsin Monastery. In addition to all these, Armenia also holds a Guinness world record for the longest cable car line. Also, if you are a lover of adventurous sports, then Armenia should top your list. Yes, this country is famous for mountain climbing. The highland in Armenia makes the country most suitable for mountain climbers. Apart from this, the country is also a home for different types of birds. American Gull, Caspian Stopcock, Semi collared Flycatcher are few among. Most of the tourists who visit Armenia are either bird lovers or adventure lovers.
Another thing that Armenia is famous is for its cuisine style. The use of unusual herbs and different types of leaves makes the food distinguished from other cuisines. Apart from this, Armenia is famous for its barbecue dishes. Wines are also a part of the people of Armenia. It is said that tours has been arranged to visit wineries across the country. With three different varieties of wine produced in the country, people choose this spot especially for this reason.

Adorable Armenia – Why is it a perfect vacation spot?

Armenia is a country found in the Eurasia region, a former part of the Soviet Union and is now a rising democracy. It is also one of the upcoming travel destinations, especially when you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful vacation. There are several sights to see, so many different places you can be, and at the end of the day just relax at your hotel as much as you please. Armenia is famous for its culture and related art forms that are vibrant whether it is in terms of their music or dance. Apart from visiting the capital city Yerevan, make sure you take some time off to visit the other smaller towns and villages that surround Yerevan.
The weather here is a pleasant mixture of the Asian as well as European weather, where during summer it is quite warm and dry whereas in winter heavy snowfall is often experienced. The ethnic groups of Armenia are found to be widespread all around the United States, Russia and parts of Europe as well; this is definitely one of the main reasons why the country has gained popularity in the past few years. They have everything from quaint old villages to the bustling city life, so whichever suits you better you may choose to stay accordingly.
Another added advantage to visiting Armenia is the fact that it is surrounded by countries that host some of the most popular travel destinations and these include Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. So, use this to your advantage in order to travel to some super exotic locations and experience a culture that is unlike any other. Armenia has a rich history during the World War 1 times as well as later on during the middle ages; it has so much to offer to a traveler that you will know you spent your money’s worth here.

Armenia – An abode for adventure lovers

Are you up for a long vacation which is both adventurous as well as religious? If your answer is yes, then the place that you have to visit is Armenia located in Eurasia. Armenia is a mountainous country landlocked by Turkey, Georgia, Iran, Black and Caspian Sea on its sides. Housing over three million residents, Armenia is the first country to adopt a particular religion which is Christianity. The country is known for its rich history and gives an unparalleled importance to the culture. The symbol of the people is the highest mountain called Mount Ararat which is known for its picturesque location.
The country of Armenia is a centre for industrial activities which has abundant natural renewable resources. The main income for this country is from the industrial sector and tourism. Being connected by all means of transportation to the nearby cities, the country also has a special eye for music, dance and art. Several exhibitions of national and international are held at this country which contributes to the Armenia tourism. Music, dance and sports are also equally concentrated by the citizens of the country.
National Art Gallery which houses over 16,000 pieces of art from experts is one of the major attractions in the country. Modern Art Museum and Children’s Picture Gallery are the other places to be visited. Khor Virap, Aghjkaghala church, Garni temple and other buildings of medieval age are worth visiting if you are interested in exploring the country’s religious richness. Another interesting aspect in the country which has resulted in a boom in Armenia tourism is due to the adventurous sports it offers. Hiking, Rock climbing, Wind surfing, Skiing and camping are few of the adventurous sports to be experienced by the people. It is also noted that a proposal has been made by the people to concentrate on winter sports. This will make Armenia easily one of the must – visit countries in the world.