Yerevan – A silent wonder of Armenia

Armenia is considered to be a silent wonder of the world, thanks to its natural beauty, peaceful locations and architectural brilliance. To visit the entire country, it might take a couple of days which you won’t regret, at the end of the day. Yerevan, being the capital of Armenia, is one of the oldest cities and is also known for its rich culture and heritage.
Places to visit in Yerevan:
• Republic Square, National Gallery and Armenia History Museum: The Republic Square is one of the most beautiful squares around the globe. Constructed between the periods from 1924 to 1929, Republic square is encircled by National gallery and Armenia History museum and other natural resources of Armenia. The ‘Dancing fountain’ is one of the eye-catching elements that make the Republic Square beautiful.
• Matenadaran: The Ancient Manuscripts Museum is a must visit place for its legendary collection of books. The Museum sports the heaviest book that weighs 34kg which was brought from Turkey by two sisters. Also, Matenadaran is surrounded by the intellectuals of the country.
• Opera house: Built by A.Tamanyan, the Opera house is situated in the heart of the city. This place is not only known for its magnificent structure but inner beauty as well. The Opera house is a home to various plays and events that takes place in Yerevan. This place is considered as one of the loveable places by most of the Armenians.
• Tsitsernakaberd and Genocide museum: Tsitsernakaberd is a place in remembrance of the victims of American genocide. April 24th of every year, people of Yerevan and other regions of Armenia gather around to pay homage to the loves lost. Apart from this, Tsitsernakaberd also has a wonderful park known for its night view.
• Arin berd or Erebuni Fortress: Regarded as one of the oldest fortresses of the world, this fortress has a huge historic value. This makes Yerevan as one of the ancient cities.